Open Source Customization

Open Source Applications are excellent in terms of cost effectiveness and simplicity to build your website, but sometimes it may not be well suited to each and every business needs. I am providing development, customization, implementation, consulting, and integration services for Open Source Products.

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Joomla CMS


Joomla! is open source content management system (CMS) licensed under the GPL. It is written with the PHP programming language and uses the MySQL database. With Joomla you can have ecommerce, gallery add-ons, forum and so on.

I specialized in open source customization in Joomla CMS and recommend Joomla CMS solutions wherever necessary.


Joomla Development

Concrete5 is an amazing way to manage the content on a website. It provides a robust framework for adding interactive functionality; in no way is concrete5 "light weight". It differs from other CMS platforms by enabling site users to edit directly from the page. This makes the concreate5 easy to use with a minimum of technical skills. Also unique to concrete5 is the ability to edit images through an embedded editor on the page.


osCommerce Development

If you are looking for a comprehensive, popular, and cost effective shopping cart system for your ecommerce website, then you should probably consider osCommerce. osCommerce is a open source based solution released under the GNU Public License.

Drupal CMS

Drupal Development

Drupal is an extremely flexible open source CMS that enables users to build fully scalable solutions for far less than it would take to create similar functionality from scratch. The beauty of Drupal is that there are literally hundreds of off the shelf modules available for almost anything youíll need. And if they donít exist then I can create them for you.


X-Cart Development

X-Cart is an e-commerce system that provides a complete ecommerce solution and extensive administration area, to manage your online store without programming knowledge.
It is based on PHP Smarty templates, this makes it very flexible and easy to modify. The data is stored in MySQL database.


Zen-Cart Development

Zen cart is the most flexible, effective, user friendly yet a very powerful open source shopping cart program today. It is one of the most rewarding ecommerce system that uses MySQL database, PHP-based and HTML components. It provides a good support for multiple languages as well as currencies.


Magento Development

Magento is a new open source ecommerce software that provides a new dimension to your ecommerce store. This new ecommerce platform offers complete flexibility and ease of use to present generation Internet merchants. With the help of Magento, you can give a new look and functionality to your ecommerce store.

WordPress Blog

WordPress Development

I can provide you a professional WordPress based blog application to make your corporate, business or personal thoughts published online. I will install WordPress in your server and assist you in getting a customized web blog application which is integrated with your existing site design. I can simplify WordPress and provide necessary blog Administration panel to you, to start your own business blog. Ie can also support you in making your blog SEO friendly.

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